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  • Pramilla Malick

Statement on OCDC Endorsement

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

I would like to congratulate the real winner of this endorsement, King Andrew Cuomo.

This endorsement is further proof that our local party officials are out of touch, and beholden to Cuomo.

This process was a selection not an election.

In 2016 I had the endorsement of the county committee and lost. This year it will be the opposite. This endorsement represents the votes of less than 100 people, we have over 34,000 registered democrats in Orange County, and I am confident they will vote for the person they know and trust, me.

My opponent needs endorsements because she has no record to run on. I have a 7year record of being on the right side, the side of the people.

I want to thank all the courageous committee members who voted for me despite the party’s heavy lobbying against me.

The past 7 years I spent fighting CPV has made one thing abundantly clear to me, corruption knows no party bounds.

We need to take back our party from the leaders who are fearful of real democracy; who fear strong willed, independent minded people that will not be complacent or complicit with a system engineered to protect big moneyed interest.

I remember last year when I was being honored by the Orange County Democratic Party, and they called me up to give a speech. The first thing I did when I got up there was call out every single person in that room who was responsible for CPV.

I am and always will be the voice of the people in this district.

In 2016, 2900 Democrats came out to the primary and wrote my name in. We made New York State History then, and we will once again when I win this primary in September, and I win the general in November.


Pramilla Malick

Democratic Candidate, State Senate District 42

Chair, Protect Orange County