Instructions Petition for Pramilla by Mail

Two registered Democrats can sign and witness each other's petitions and mail them to us, if you have a relative, friend, neighbor, or know anyone else who is a registered Democrat.

Part 1: Print

Print out two copies of our petition here.

Part 2:  Sign

Step 1: Sign your fellow Democrat's petition (in the section with the 10 rows, on the top, not bottom)

sign on the top line as you are registered, print you name below, street address in the next column. Please leave the town/city column blank - we will look that up.
Step 2: Have them sign your petition.

Part 3:  Witness 

Step 3:Sign your name as witness on the bottom of your fellow democrat's petition.

Fill out your info  where it says, "Complete the Following".  Where it says witness identification, fill in your town, (i.e, Mount Hope, NOT Otisville). If you are unsure you can leave your town blank

Step 3: Have your fellow Dem do the same.

Part 4: Mail

Step 4: Mail it in! (Pease send both petitions to PO Box 333, Westtown NY, 10998)