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  • Pramilla Malick

Malick Submits 3500 Signatures for Stop Corruption Line, Primary Opponent Challenges.

From July 12th to August 21st, 3500 voters signed petitions to nominate Pramilla Malick for the office of New York State Senator on an Independent line they chose to call the Stop Corruption Party. It wasn't long before her opponent in the Democratic primary, Jen Metzger, filed two separate challenges.

Rosemary Solimando, an Unaffiliated voter (voter with no party) who signed the petition said “I was really excited to learn about this petition. There are many issues that divide any community, however CPV and the corruption behind it truly unite community members in our opposition. Regardless of what political party your loyalty lies with, our children’s health and safety need to take precedence. Many voters are fed up with the lack of integrity displayed by several politicians. I know many people who support Pramilla, but wouldn’t vote on the democratic line. Therefore, they’re thrilled at the opportunity to vote for someone who they believe will get the job done with integrity, clarity and most importantly unencumbered by corporate influence on a line that they created.”

The Board of Elections offers provisions that allow the Malick Campaign to give up the 2nd line if, by chance, they do not win the Democratic nomination on September 13th.

Malick said in a statement “The root cause of every major public policy crisis we are facing is corruption, and so I feel this line best represents my values and what I hope to accomplish as a state Senator. Now more than ever, we need to look towards issues that unite us if we are going to have any chance of standing up to this siege on our fundamental rights to clean air, clean water, and clean government. You need more than one line to win an election in this district, and party leaders used the corrupt Wilson-Pakula law to knock me off the third party lines I petitioned for. I’m proud that we found an innovative way to circumvent that. As a Senator, I will always look for creative, out-of-box solutions to the multitude of crisis we are facing.”

The two challenges to the petitions came from John Schwartz (Metzger’s husband) and Daniel Scherrer of the Metzger campaign. Daniel Scherrer also challenged Pramilla’s petitions for the Reform OTB, but the BOE deemed those petitions valid.

“I’m confident that just like we did in their last challenge, we will win this one too. And come September we will win the endorsement of the voters” said Malick. “It’s unfortunate how despite my opponent admitting publicly that she will keep both her third party lines if she loses the primary, she is still trying to use her expensive lawyer to take mine. These tactics only stand to benefit the Republican Annie Rabbitt”, said Malick.