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  • Pramilla Malick

Annie Rabbitt to join State Senate race

Republican Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt announced her candidacy for the state Senate seat being vacated by John Bonacic come January.

Pramilla Malick, chair of Protect Orange County and Democratic candidate for the same seat said in a statement.

“The former Assemblywoman has been willfully oblivious to the cesspool of corruption from Orange County to Albany, which will certainly be a central issue in this election. I’m pleased my work in Protect Orange County has made this possible and am confident voters will choose courage over complicity, regardless of party affiliation.

My historic candidacy in 2016, and the continued pressure I put on Senator Bonacic to answer for his close family ties to CPV has opened up the seat and leveled the playing field. Our people powered campaign will make history again this year by defeating the entrenched corruption that has long plagued the district and delivering justice through the ballot box.”

Malick challenged Senator Bonacic in 2016 and received 2900 to his 218 votes in the write-in Democratic Primary, and over 43,000 in the general.

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