Gary Greenberg Endorses Pramilla Malick for NYSD42

July, 18, 2018

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. My commitment to all survivors of this unspeakable crime is why I founded “Fighting for Children PAC” and “Protect NY Kids”. For twelve years, we have advocated, along with thousands of NY families, for much stronger legislation in Albany to expand the legal rights of victims of childhood sexual abuse through the passage of CVA, or Child Victims Act. For a dozen years, the bill has failed in the NYS Legislature. It’s time now to take our disappointment and frustration and act to elect new, effective representatives who can finally pass the CVA and give New York’s kids and their families the protection they deserve. Pramilla Malick, a dedicated fighter for the rights of kids and families, will work tirelessly to get the CVA over the finish line in Albany. That’s why I’m supporting Pramilla for Senator in SD42.

A little background on the CVA will tell you why Pramilla Malick is the senator we need in Albany to break the logjam. This spring, passage of a CVA bill, sponsored by Assembly member and Democrat Linda Rosenthal, succeeded in an overwhelming vote in the Democratic majority- led lower chamber. Hopes were high among supporters, including some Republican members, that finally, after more than a decade of efforts, we’d see a meaningful bill come out of Albany in June.

But, the CVA met a political brick wall, once again, when John Flanagan, Republican NYS Senate Majority Leader refused to bring the bill to a vote in the Senate. Flanagan betrayed kids and families by foreclosing any opportunity for a passage until the next session commences in January, 2019.

There is no other way to characterize this repeated blocking of a vote in the Senate than to call it out as a  shameful  political maneuver which denies justice to thousands of survivors of sexual abuse in childhood. Those survivors are again thrown under the bus by a Republican caucus and leadership that neglect their sworn duty to protect children by bringing felony sex abusers- especially serial abusers of children- to justice for their crimes. The CVA makes sense, not only to victims and their families, but to the public at large. Stalling a passage of this legislation keeps abusers on the streets where they can and do re-offend. There are 40,000 incidents of childhood sexual abuse reported annually in NYS, many at the hands of serial abusers. The CVA would go far to reduce these crimes, by providing a greatly expanded statute of limitations for prosecuting sexual crimes against children, providing a one year look back for those whose abuses occurred beyond the present statute of limitations, and  additional provisions like funding for victims’ lawsuits, and enhanced training for judges handling these sensitive cases.

It’s clear that our present GOP-led NYS Senate will never offer kids and families the action that they’ve demanded for years on this crucial legislation. Here’s where Pramilla Malick comes in. We need a smart, compassionate fighter like Pramilla in Albany to move this bill and other stalled progressive legislation forward. Pramilla has pledged to keep the CVA at the very top of her agenda, where it’s been all along. Pramilla has a proven track record of advocacy for the health and safety of kids and families in her work with Protect Orange County, which she co-founded.  Pramilla has consistently and vocally supported the CVA as a community activist. Pramilla will be a true Gem of the Senate – someone who will distinguish herself as a fearless, compassionate, and persuasive voice on this critical  issue and many others, as she has for the communities she serves in Orange County.

” Fighting for Children PAC” and “Protect NY Kids “endorse Pramilla Malick for SD 42. I urge you to join me in supporting Pramilla with your vote in the September 13th NY Democratic State Primary, and again in November. We who have survived the trauma of childhood sexual abuse never want to see another child or family suffer such a tragedy. We need to demand new legislators who are deeply committed to delivering a full measure of due process and protection through passage of the CVA in 2019. As senator, Pramilla Malick will work tirelessly to make that happen for all New York kids and families.


Gary Greenberg